With the majority of the Audi R8’s having colour coded or carbon body panels it seems a little out of place to have a silver/aluminium fuel flap. It therefore made sense for the first part we produce to be a carbon fibre fuel flap and badge for the Gen 2 R8.

The carbon fibre fuel flap is made from 100% pure autoclaved carbon fibre. This is the strongest, lightest and highest quality carbon currently available, it’s the same technology and production that goes into Formula 1 cars. Once the part has been produced and pulled from the mould, it is checked and tested thoroughly before heading to lacquer. Each part is inspected further and check for tolerances before being hand and machine polished, followed by being waxed and sealed in with high content Carnauba products from our partner Race Glaze.

The Carbonwurks R8 carbon fuel flap is a direct replacement for the silver Audi piece. Fitment is straight forward however we recommend the installation to be done by a trained professional. The original flap cover is held in place with double sided tape and with a little heat simply removes. Once the surface is prepped, our fuel flap simply installs back in place.

1 x Audi R8 Carbon Fibre Fuel Flap with carbon R8 badge


Audi R8 Gen 2 Coupe – 2015 onwards

(Currently not tested on Spyder model)



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